Corporate Report

athenahealth asked me to design and produce an interactive Coaching and Training Services Catalog.

From Alysen Vilhena, Marketing Specialist, athenahealth:

From the beginning, Barry excelled at creating exactly what we wanted. With little background knowledge of our company, he immediately embraced the brand; the very first iteration of the catalog had a look and feel that was exactly on-point with the brand guidelines and it was visually stunning.

Throughout the process, Barry was flexible, beat every draft deadline, and offered insightful expertise that we more often than not ended up implementing! Even though I had hundreds of copy edits for each draft (I was responsible for writing and editing the copy), Barry still made edits quickly and accurately. 

Barry was extremely easy to work with and my team couldn’t be happier with the service catalog—my team has received dozens of compliments from people throughout the company noting how beautiful the service catalog is.