Cross Manufacturing

This British engineering company, based in Bath, United Kingdom, has been an industry leader in designing and manufacturing seals and rings for the aerospace, power-gen, and automotive industries for over 70 years. This unique company is still family-owned and run.

Cross has a rich and fascinating history; a real-life example of British ingenuity and engineering at its best. Roland Cross’s advancement of the rotary valve engine laid the foundation for the company’s success today.  Today every Rolls Royce jet aircraft engine uses Cross rings sealing in their turbines.

Cross asked me to redesign the company Museum. This six-month project included research into the Cross company archive, as well as design and overseeing the fabrication of new display features.

  • Client

    Cross Manufacturing

  • Deliverables

    • Museum redesign
    • Copy Writing
    • Photography
    • Display design for fabrication (wood and metal)
    • Project Management